There will be no exceptions for the rules in the maid agencies

The pay for the FDW will be only once in a month by the employers. The salary should be given for the maid with the additional amount if they have worked on the rest day and you should compensate it with the full salary. If you want your Sri Lankan maid to work even on the rest days then you should have a mutual agreement. The FDW rules have stated that the maid should have talwaar one rest day in a week. The rules which are specified by the maid agencies will not have any exceptions. The domestic workers who are hired in the first place in Singapore are offered with the best services. It is called an illegal activity if any of the employees will make use of the FDW work.

mutual agreement

Learning opportunities of the employees:

The employer must ensure that the Sri Lankan maid will not engage in any type of work during the rest days. You will have a chance to work as an FDW only if you are a domestic worker. The guidelines to the employees are specified by the ministry of the manpower. The FDW work can be used by the employee who is in a different occupation. The FAQ’s which are available on our website will offer good learning opportunities to the employers. You can definitely ask a few questions to your maid if you come from a place of curiosity.

Facilitating the employment for the workers:

Just visit our website if you are very much interested to learn the process of hiring a maid. If you visit our official website then you can get the required assistance about hiring a maid in Singapore. The people who are planning to hire a maid in Singapore should follow a specified process. There will not be any hassles if you want to hire a Srilankan maid in Singapore. The ministry of manpower in Singapore have facilitated the employment for foreign domestic workers. You can visit our maid agency if you did not have a clear idea of hiring a maid in Singapore.

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